THE TRUE MARRON 1.0.1 would not of been able to become what it is without the support of the general public. It is because of you we chose to put his together. There is nothing more important than passing down knowledge of our rivers and the flora & fauna than call them home. We cannot thank you all enough for helping us with your support and commitment to my cause.

If you see your name, please message me in relation to your purchase.
We have a little treat to suit your efforts.

If you see a trophy you would like to A'CRAW'D' to yourself ;) or Someone else just as CRAY-Z. Keep an eye on the ever growing range of merchandise or send us an email with your request; thetruemarron101@gmail.com 



If you see your name on a specific colour plaque,
You are rewarded that colour trophy!

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None of this would be possible without the support you have all shown over the past 20 years. Time to bring our Hairy Marron home!