Eli is trying to help Mazz find his friends around Australia & the World. Nearly every country have their own unique varieties. Australia alone has over 157 individual species of freshwater crayfish. Eli wants to meet them all! Regardless of where we are from, I am sure most of us can remember going down to our local stream, creek, brook or estuary and moving a few rocks and watching little crayfish shoot out from under with one or two quick flicks of their tail. Those moments should not just be memories, but something we pass down to the future generations.

No matter where we are from, everyone (besides the allergic of course) come together around and a campfire sharing a feed of freshwater crayfish. We here in the lower South-West of Australia have two of our 1 species on the Critically Endangered list and it is obviously happening all over Australia and other countries as well. With regions being substantially altered by clearing of native vegetation to make way for an ever growing population, not to mention the introductions of foreign cray species. All over the world are teams of university students, professors and unpaid volunteer groups who need our information to help them track the growth and decrease in individual crayfish species habitats. They struggle with getting time to be out in the field and that's where you and your family can help.

The last few pages of the book are set up as a table as a generic data collection. We want to know what is happening in your region, so now's the time to put on your BIG BLACK BOOTS and take the family on an adventure exploring your local waterways. As members grow, we are looking at having a clear understanding on how quickly species can take over regions and what can be done to prevent these measures.


Fill out the registration form on the back page or the book. Providing your local research group you would like your collected data to go to. Provide registration fee receipt and address for member pack delivery.
Cut it out and post to: P.O. Box 1045 Manjimup Western Australia 6258 or email:

As numbers increase on data collected will provide awards regularly to active participants. including Merchandise, Amazon Vouchers and Custom designs of your chosen photo.

Let's keep the Mud-Bugs around the world going.


Eli Kanny-Purdy