Do you think you have figured out the events that lead to the disappearance of our Head Judge Mazz? Feel like testing your detective skills? Then the S.W.P.D. NEEDS YOU! Help us finish the story your way!. There is something definitely suspicious with the way all the competitors all said "NOPE" at the same time... perhaps this is a clue?

Get your friends and family involved and see if you can come up with the correct recipe names, ingredients, character comments, and comic scenes that explains what happened to our old friend. A quick heads up, the clues aren't in page order. You and your team of sleuths will have to flick back and forth throughout the pages to create your story. This is a great way to spend an evening around the campfire or while you are locked in your tent while it buckets down outside. The story line has been set up with clues dropped randomly. We wish you luck and can't wait to see what scenarios come through*.

We have included a few sheets for you to fill out. You can also print the sheets from www.thetruemarron101. Do not hesitate to submit more than one entry if you want to. The more you enter the more chances of winning. Once you have completed the Crime Investigation Sleuth Theory (C.I.S.T) document upload it to the www.thetruemarron101 website and Sargent Eli - Head Detective of South West P.D will access your submission and let you know your results. Once we have collected a few we will put them up.

We wish you all luck on your submissions.

C.I.S.T Form DownloadSend us your theory


*All submissions must be on the South West P.D's 'C.I.S.T' form found on the back of the The True Marron 101 Book or Download from this site only.
If you are not able to upload the page to the website, please post it to: P.O. Box 1045, Manjimup Western Australia 6258. Theory can only be based on evidence provided throughout the book. Page numbers you have referenced must be documented for the submission to be accepted.