If your household is anything like mine?
You'd be lost without the humble Freshwater Crayfish right?
Butterflied on the grill or pickling in a jar filled with cloves and vinegar?
But what else can you do with this unique creature and their relatives?
How about a Crayfish and Vegetable Stir-fry? Or a Marron Ravioli? Did you know, even the heads can be used for a delicious Cray-Stock or a heart-warming Soup! There really isn't one part of Freshwater Crayfish you cannot use to make tasty meals that doesn't cost you a fortune.
So come join Mazz, Eli, Crabbi & the Team, as they teach you everything they know about themselves and how to eat each other. I will apoligise for some of their behaviour, but what can you expect from wild animals and plants, it's not like any of them are G.M. or anything. We do have a robot though!.. Anyway! Getting off track!
The shared recipes are compiled through the 101 ways to COOK MARRON social media group submitted from all corners of Australia. The contestants of The 101 COOKING COMP have also submitted their unique ways with some unique names that I know that you will love. They've kept them as quick and easy as possible, using everyday ingredients and best of all, the whole family will enjoy them.
The locals have also been kind enough to share with us some of their secrets
& amazing pictures of catches and feeds too! They may be low-res but the memories are what count!
Take some time to check out our sponsors throughout the book, few places dear to me and a mystery for all you 'SHELL'OCK Holmies & friends out there to solve if you get over'board' on your camping trips. Not to mention linking up with Mazz, Eli & Crabbi as they try and help Australia-wide universities seeking information for our Nations Mud-Bugs along the way.
I hope you enjoy the read & join us as the adventure continues!

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Adam T. Purdy


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