The Marron101 OFF THE ROAD

The Marron101 OFF THE ROAD

Keep up-to-date with our on the road research. The crew will be exploring Western Australia's Aquifers in search of Hairy Marron habitat.
This will be updated as we travel the lower South-West studying the regions 11 different species of cray that call the area home.

Part of our research will be studying the large quantity of natural springs we have and match that with underground cavern systems that lay between Margaret River and the Bremer Basin. The goal is to find underground pockets that could still be home to our local species of Cherax.

By using a drop-line camera I can explore the surface entrance of the natural springs for signs of deeper caverns underneath.

If an entrance is found, with the underwater drone, We can explore deeper while. staying safe on top of the surface.
The Underwater drone will record everything it sees, giving us clear footage of the crays beneath our feet. Once a pocket of our 'Endangered Species' have been found we can secure that area for future breeding plans.

Nothing spreads faster than rumors and stories past down through our family lines, not to mention the good ol' bar bench yarn. These unique information chains are not available for the University and Government funded programs.
No-one knows your backyard like you and we are asking for you to jump onto our website and send us a chat if you know of any wells (man-made natural spring entrances) locations and freshwater aquifiers. Our crew would love to come out and meet you and have your information added to our research and the following book.


As this book has been self funded and from support from our CRAY-Z COMPANIES since 2002, We are able to keep the research mobile and up-to-date and accessible by everybody.
So we have created a merchandise range for our fans and avid Cray Hunters alike.




Would you like to know more about the research we are doing?

Adam Purdy
Life Dedicated Research Member

Call: 0456 249 606

P.O. Box 1045 Manjimup. WA 6258

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